Good Day Art Lovers:
Thank you for making the opening artist's reception of our summer show a big hit. Hundreds attended and dozens enjoyed the After Party at the Blue Parrot. A special congratulations to Emrie Brooke Foster for winning the "Peoples Choice Award"!
UpFront Coming Events:
INDIE FILM NIGHT @ THE UPFRONT, 8-29-09: 6:30 "The Food Chain", with your host, Angelo Marfisi
POETRY NIGHT @ THE UPFRONT, September 9-10-09: 6:30, with your host, Greg Zukowski
THE ART ON VINYL SHOW @ The UPFRONT, 9-19-09: 5-9pm, Look for the Open Call for Artist, all are invited to enter their work, seasoned artist or those who simply love to be creative!
Be watching for more information on the above events coming your way.
Hope to see you at each and every event!
Our Best To All,
Debbie, Gordon, Barbara and Steve

See Facebook page UpFront Exhibition Space for Artist's submission details

a snapshot of grand opening night

a snapshot of grand opening night
a great turn out!


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